Married couple looking and laughing at eachother while the groom caresses bride

Helena & Santi

"They are great! They lived each moment to the fullest and put a lot of soul into everything. They are a great team, they helped us not to lose our nerves at all times and they went completely unnoticed during the whole day. They were very involved and even helped us with certain aspects of the wedding organization. ”

Photography by Heartmade Weddings of groom kissind bride on shoulder closeup

Saioa & Asier

“Alisa and Mikel are lovely and you can see that by looking at their photos. The photos they take are very natural, with very few poses, but always knowing how to guide at all times. They made us feel really comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera at all times. We already have the photos and they are spectacular! We can do nothing but thank you. We would not exchange them for anyone and we recommend them to everyone. ”

Heartmade weddings fotografos de boda bizkaia gipuzkoa

Sandra & Jon

"Alisa and Mikel are super close and that made us feel very relaxed throughout the day, especially during the session. They are charming and great professionals. The photos are spectacular, spontaneous and cared for in a super handmade way. We recommend them without any doubt! ”

“We contacted them because they were the wedding photographers of some friends of ours and we found them to be very nice people. There was a very good vibe in the pre-session and wedding meetings, always open to the type of photos we wanted and guiding and giving us ideas, we had no other option but to finally count on them.

The treatment has always been perfect, as if we had known each other for life. In the pre-wedding session we were very embarrassed to pose as we had never done it before, but thanks to them, my husband – who does not like taking pictures of himself – became a top model and did it better than me, all thanks to the good roll that came off. Impressive photos came out. At the wedding everything was perfect, it seemed as if they were not there.

Finally, we had another post-wedding session and this time we went to my childhood villageto spend the weekend. Do not hesitate to hire them if what you are looking for are people to feel comfortable with, people with passion for what they do, creative, open to your ideas, polite, patient and great professionals.

Thank you very much Alisa and Mikel, you are the best. We love you!”

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