Susana & Cristian | Post Wedding in Cantabria

Susana & Cristian | Post Wedding Session in Comillas, Cantabria

We are very happy to finally show you the incredible Susana and Cristian’s post-wedding session in Comillas, Cantabria!

As you may know, we’re really into choosing places where we like to feel tiny, whether they’re natural environments, or in this case, structures aroused by humans. For the post-wedding session of Susana and Cristian we decided to go to the Sobrellano Palace in Comillas, Cantabria, a majestic building built in the 19th century by order of the Marquis of Comillas.

Structures such as this palace, the Capricho, the Comillas Kiosk, the Pontifical University or even the cemetery with its magnificent sculpture of The Exterminating Angel encouraged relevant Catalan modernist artists to leave their mark in Comillas. It’s obvious that there are multiple reasons for tourist to visit this romantic village, however we were fortunate enough to find it empty and admire it in all its glory. Susana and Cristian got really excited and gave us plenty of authentic and passionate moments. The sun, on the other hand, caressed with its twilight sun rays all those corners to which we approached.

To top it all off Susana and Cristian led us to a small and remote cliff that we didn’t know and there we witnessed how the sun painted with brush-strokes of vivid colors on its particular canvas, the sky. Susana, Cristian and the sea as an altarpiece, melted like crystals of sea foam and salt. What a wonderful culmination!


“From the shell the song of the sea, neither quiet nor calm, searching for love again”





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