Silvia & Iban | Wedding in the Basque Country

Silvia & Iban | Wedding in Etxegana, Basque Country

We’re back in business with one of the couples with whom we have already lived magical moments. To know what we are talking about we invite you to discover their intimate engagement shoot in Zumaia, Basque country.

Let us show you this time the grandeur of the day on which Silvia and Iban exchanged their vows, a wedding in the Basque Country held in one of the deepest and distant parts of its forests. It was a dreamlike trip in which we visited what we baptized as “The Cathedral of the Pines”, a place where by chance the forest wanted to show us one of its majestic creatures, an elusive deer that seemed the reincarnation of the great spirit of the forest. The moment was so unexpected, fleeting and mesmerizing that even with our cameras in hand we weren’t able to capture it.

Silvia and Iban are a couple settled in the Basque Country but they used to live in Madrid before they got married. When we first met them in Vitoria they were clear that despite living in the capital of the country, they wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Instead of celebrating their wedding in Madrid they chose to return to their roots and feel protected under the isolation that the forests and mountains of the Basque Country provide.

Thanks to Querida Julia, the most kickass Wedding Designer in northern Spain, they were able to find the perfect setting to celebrate their wedding. The ceremony was carried out in the center of Vitoria, but the rest of the wedding took place in Etxegana Hotel, an old country house reconverted into a Hotel and located in one of the most remote areas of the Basque Country.

It’s almost as if the forests and mountains in front of Etxegana arose millions of years ago precisely for the purpose of witnessing the moment of these two children of the universe uniting and merging into something greater than themselves.

“Oh, ooh, love, they’ll never break the shape we take. Oh, ooh baby, let all them voices slip away”




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