Silvia & Iban | Engagement in the Basque Country

Silvia & Iban | Engagement in Zumaia, Basque Country

It is really hard for us to find the right words when we try to verbalize what we felt during Silvia’s and Iban’s engagement in Zumaia, Basque Country. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and they were so dedicated and compelling that they literally left us speechless. A very uncommon situation for us that we hope to experience again, it was glorious!

We’ve had the honor to photograph a handful of weddings over the years and it’s most likely that the vast majority of our couples can confirm how much we like to sink into a good conversation and lose track of time. – Yes, sometimes we can be pretty tiresome, but only when we are allowed to be so – Silvia’s and Iban’s session wasn’t going to be different and that was precisely what we did throughout the day, talk about beer, movies and music as well as forge all those moments that would help us gain the confidence to be by their side on their wedding day.

The unexpected plot twist came when we took them to one of our favorite corners of the Basque coast, a remote and not very accessible cliff near Zumaia, that during sunset becomes the bridge between two dimensions, the present, the one where the four of us, and the past, that one in which water, rocks, sea foam and salt appeared ages ago. There we stood as tiny and finite beings and overwhelmed by a dance of colors and the sublime symphony performed by the waves and the wind. Silvia and Iban were the absolute spotlight and we didn’t want to talk to them until the end of the session out fear of ripping such a beautiful silence. They knew exactly how to withdraw from us and make the most of a moment that although being more fleeting than a blink in the whole history of the universe, became eternal in the microcosm of our memories.

We will soon be able to delight you with the pictures of his future wedding in Etxegana hotel, Basque Country.


“Rocking you to sleep from the Otherside”




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