Jessica & Justin | Engagement in Squamish

Jessica & Justin | Engagement in Squamish, Canada

We are back in Spain and it is about time to start showing you guys all the adventures we had during our stay in the Great White North!

Jessica & Justin flaunted their adventurous spirit in an engagement shoot It Squamish that encapsulates the essence of our great stay in Canada. A journey loaded with wildlife just a few miles from the big city, rocky mountains, massive centuries-old coniferous forests and sacred soil revered by native Canadians.

Squamish is a small community located in British Columbia, very close to the city of Vancouver, and its name refers to one of the first indigenous nations that populated Canada, which has preserved the magic of this vast and arcane territory for centuries. The Sea to Sky highway is the artery that connects the big city with this community and many other mountain villages such as Whistler, known for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There we were, 5000 miles away from home, in the middle of the Canadian Taiga and intimidated by mountains that enjoyed full authority for having stayed there for millions of years. And there were Justin and Jessica, blinded by the glare of the most intense green that the eyes can bear and wanting to emulate the same kind of adventure that we had during an engagement shoot with another couple.

After traveling with Jessica, Justin and Jimmy – that’s how they renamed their Jeep – throughout winding roads and armed to the teeth with anti-bear spray, we arrived at a clearing located next to the Cheakamus River. There, our most intrepid couple of adventurers, deployed all their camping equipment and we were rewarded with a glorious meal and many other glorious photos.

From that moment on, Jessica and Justin in communion with nature offered us one of the most intimate sessions in one of the most remote and wild places we had ever set foot on. We are finishing this blog post with a song from the Smile band that we couldn’t get out of our heads during the whole trip.


“And as this rollercoaster that is my life takes another deep and dive and just trying to hold on, screaming and enjoying the ride”




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