Idoia & Mikel | Post Wedding in Burgos

Idoia & Mikel | Post Wedding Session in Burgos

Brace yourselves, Idoia and Mikel’s post wedding shoot in Burgos finally lands on our blog!

What should we start with? They’re such a special couple and have such strong values that they even invited us to spend a weekend with them in the village where they usually spend the summer. The images below are part of the rural backdrop where managed to capture such magical and intimate moments in Burgos.

The autumn cold and the conversations that we kept by the fireplace were the absolute highlights of this rural photoshoot in Burgos. There was room for laughter, philosophy, deep conversations, music, good food, beer and above all we also had the chance to become one with nature and delight in its most melancholic face revealed to us through a sparkling palette of colors.

This trip was initially going to be just an escape route from the madding crowd to take a handful of pictures but turned into a weekend away from the chaos. All of you who spend the summer in your summer villages know exactly what we’re talking about here, you understand the meaning of a desolate and sleepy village during the months of hibernation, that melancholic but pleasant feeling of floating in a temporary limbo that prevents us from knowing exactly what day it is.

Idoia and Mikel showed us their love in the best way they could, by sharing it and giving us beautiful and  enriching life experiences. We will always be grateful to this couple of vikings, thanks a bunch guys!


“The daily weight grows from a whisper, louder and louder in my mind. We fell asleep beside a river and in the morning it was quiet”




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