What packs do you offer and what do they include? What about the rates?

We would love to be able meet in order to better explain everything about our packs and rates. We have a specific rate for local weddings and a different one for weddings that require traveling. We encourage you to read the question "How do we book a date?" to know more.

Are you available for destination weddings?

Of course! We love to travel and we love weddings, ergo we love to travel to cover weddings. Anywhere <3

Where are you located?

We are currently living in Basque Country, Spain, but we move throughout the peninsula, the islands and the rest of the world if necessary.

Will you both be shooting our wedding?

We always cover weddings together and on equal terms, this means that we both work as main photographers.

Do you shoot more than one wedding on a same day?

No, we never did and we'll never do, it is totally against our philosophy. We do not want our business to resemble a franchise, we like to work in an artisanal way and that is why we always guarantee exclusivity during your big day.

How does coverint travel expenses work?

Some photographers set fixed travel fees for destination weddings, we don't.
We ask that you cover the expenses corresponding to the flight, the stay and the transport that we use to move once there, in most cases, the car rental.
We are also willing to stay with you, the family, or share an airbnb to help you save money.
We usually take care of organizing it, although you can also do it yourself. We always wait for price and date confirmation before booking anything to make sure there are no surprises.
Once everything is booked, the payment of travel expenses is added to the final payment of the pack.

How do we book you?

The first thing to do is to make sure we are available. The next thing will be to have a few beers and talk about your needs and all the wonderful details of the wedding. Yes, we like to get to know our couples as much as possible. These meetings do not suppose any additional charge, neither the beers. Finally, in order to book us, we simply need you to sign a contract and pay a 25% in advance.

What are the payment conditions and how do payment schedules work?

We ask for a 25% in advance to reserve the date, another 50% before the wedding day and the remaining 25% before the delivery of the final photos. In case the wedding is canceled we would not return 25% advance, we know this is a downturn, but it is the only way to make sure that we do not lose money. However, the advance is redeemable for any other type of session.

What is an engagement shoot?

It's all about spending a few hours with you any day, at any time before the wedding day. We will meet, you will feel super uncomfortable at the beginning haha, your nervous laughter will start to show up, you will start to let go little by little, start discovering that it isn't that bad, finally start to like it and in the end you will end up rocking like stars!

We want you to stay until the end of the wedding or a little more than planned, would it be possible to add extra hours?

Of course! Our packs cover your wedding from the preparations to one hour after the first dance. We consider this to be more than enough, however we always offer additional coverage no matter how much more you want us to stay. We charge by the hour, do not hesitate to ask us about our rates.

Do we have to book a meal for you on our wedding day? Or will you be in charge of you own food?

Yes, we are human beings and we have biological needs, please give us food haha. In fact, we work as torpedoes when we have a full stomach.

How many photos can we expect and when?

Tons of photos. We deliver approximately 100 edited photos per hour. You can expect them a month after your wedding. We also deliver a teaser of about 70-100 photos edited 72h after the wedding.

How do you deliver the photos?

We like to deliver the photos face to face whenever possible. Does this mean that we will be chasing you for more beers? Surely haha. We do not like to anticipate anything, the only thing we can say is that the contents of the box (ups, spoiler) will be beautifully packed. We also deliver them in an online gallery to which you will have unlimited access for one year.

Will all the photos we receive be edited?

Of course! We never deliver the RAW version of our images the same way a cook never serves raw food.

Do you offer any albums?

For sure! We believe that photos deserve more than just being archived inside a pen drive. We believe in the power those printed photos have. Wouldn't you like to have them in a book that could be passed from generation to generation?

Will our guests be able to have any online access to the photos?

All the guests photos (cocktail and group photos) will be available in an online gallery protected by password and free of any kind of charge.

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