Erin & Steve | Engagement in Vancouver

Erin & Steve | Engagement at Lighthouse Park, Vancouver

We are back to reopen the chest of nostalgia and show you another of our great adventures in Canada! This time we are going on a hike with Erin and Steve to Lighthouse Park, one of the most iconic and historical places in the city of Vancouver. We know what you are thinking and no, this getaway wasn’t as dark as Robert Egger’s last film (which we highly recommend), on the contrary, we had a great time and rediscovered one of the best kept secrets of the Canadian Pacific. Go ahead and check this out if you want to discover one of our favorite corners and soak up the romance that the myth of the lighthouses of the Pacific coast.

It was not our first time exploring the privileged environment that you will see below, although it was the first time doing a engagement session at Lighthouse Park. It is one of the most popular hikes in West Vancouver and getting there is relatively easy, as long as you don’t wind up like we once did, biking all the way there, get on a Ferry with it and decide to cycle for almost 12 miles through one of the steepest and winding roads we have ever seen. We arrived there almost dead… it was truly our finest moment of clarity!

We went back for Erin and Steve’s engagement session, and rediscovered the trail that leads to the majestic and ancient lighthouse, Point Atkinson, which once served as a Pacific guardian and prevented countless ships from being swallowed by the ferocity of the waters that rock its cliffs. Once there, this time with our lungs at maximum capacity, Erin and Steve greeted us with the biggest smile that they didn’t lose throughout the day. We had the opportunity to bond, to laugh, to relax, to get ourselves far from the madding crowd and even to learn a bit of history thanks to the shelters that were built there and served as a defensive point during World War II. We were also able to delight in the sighting of an American bald eagle, one of the most elusive birds on the American continent, and we were able to enjoy one of the most peaceful sunsets we had ever experienced overlooking the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Erin and Steve, thank you very much for sharing your story with us, it will remain imperishable in our minds!

Engagement at Lighthouse Park, Vancouver
“In our beds, we’re the lucky ones. Fill us with the sun”




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