Patricia & Marian | Engagement in Gijón

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Can we please grab everyone’s attention? Our favorite intrepid couple’s engagement session breaks through our blog like a real steamroller. They armed themselves with courage and took a step step forward to turn their story into a one of found love instead of a lost love one. Bravas! The magic of our particular partner in crime Goizane, from Querida Julia, and the swag of the boys from Vagabond Van turned this photo session into a tremendous afternoon that we will truly remember for a long time.

Patri and Marian are the winners of the giveaway that we carried out on our Instagram profile – alongside Querida Julia – and we cannot help but to think that it is they who should take over our blog and speak in first person about the story that brought them together. It has all the elements of a movie script, there are moments of mischief, moments of impudence and moments of romance; the shadow of a forbidden love, the uncertainty of not knowing whether to listen to reason or the heart, as well as the fear of living a life without truly loving. It was a privilege for us to have had the opportunity of getting to know such a captivating story and we hope that our photos live up to a love as passionate and sincere as the one Patri and Marian outpoured on that winter afternoon in this engagement shoot in Gijón, Asturias.

If you wish to know their story, you can read it fully on their Instagram profile. It is a true display of courage and a lesson about how love must always prevail above all things, above social conventions, above hatred and above any kind of ideology. We feel very fortunate to be another chapter in their story and, although they still do not have a specific date for their wedding day, we hope that it will be soon enough so we can be by their side again and imbue ourselves with the overwhelming force that emanates from their acts. You are pure pride and inspiration girls!

Patricia & Marian | Engagement in Gijón, Asturias
“Take me to the river, help me find the Sun, I will follow you, child”





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