Edurne & Jose | Wedding in Burgos

Edurne & Jose | Wedding in Espino Monastery, Burgos

We are super happy to finally show you this gorgeous rural wedding in Espino Monastery, Burgos.

We introduce you to Edurne and Jose, a couple settled in the Basque Country who decided to exchange their vows in a small village in the heart of Burgos.

This wonderful rural wedding in Burgos reminds us of the the early twentieth century Spain, artistic, poetic, bucolic and full of romanticism. It seems to be taken out from a Lorca’s work and its fields are worthy of Antonio Machado’s poems. Do you guys also think that it seems reminiscent of a wedding in Tuscany? There’s no doubt that we had a blast and it was a real pleasure to be with Edurne and Jose during their big day. All the heat that we endured was worth it just to get these breathtaking sunset photos.

We really hope you enjoy it and hopefully we were able to capture the essence of that precise moment.

“Whisper that you love me, that you’ll never leave me, be mine for always, I’ll be yours forever”




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