Bre & James | Elopement in Banff

Bre & James | Elopement in Banff, Canadá

Are you ready to feel moved by the greatest Canadian wedding that we had during our adventure in the Great White North? We introduce you to Bre and James, an American couple who decided to seal their love at a wedding in Banff National Park, at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

We traveled from Vancouver, on a dreamy road trip, to the very depths of the Alberta province to discover of one Canada’s most precious jewel, Banff, a breathtaking mountain village that has hosted the most impressive weddings during the past few years. This environment is the fantasy of any wedding photographer, our colleagues know what we mean, and we had the privilege of being part of this wonderful day at Tunnel Mountain, Alberta.

As beings of light as that they are, Bre and James wanted to proclaim their love away from the pomposity that most weddings have accustomed us to. Their creed is that love is not to be flaunted, so they stripped their souls and fled from abundance to seek refuge in those same mountains that were once home to their ancestors. The preps took place at the Delta Royal Canadian Lodge and rather than being just preps it was a really pleasant gathering of friends where laughter and lovely moments abounded.

The ceremony took place just beneath the slopes of one the most imposing peaks of Banff, Tunnel Mountain, an ancient rock formation that served as an altar to unite the souls of those who gathered there and wanted to admire the strength of the atavistic nature. This is what this wedding was all about, it wasn’t just the union of two people, but a collective and spiritual communion that showed respect for the archaic and felt insignificant before the ocean of deafening silence imposed by the mountain. We were barely able to speak because of the howling of the wind, but there was no need to say a word because the love of Bre and James rose to the top as a howl of infinite happiness. The purity of this declaration of love shook the bodies of all who were present. The rest of the celebration maintained the same spirit with which it began, with the humility of a small group of friends and family who gathered to venerate love freed from grandiloquence or any kind of artifice.

Bre & James – Elopement in Banff, Canada
“We know a place where no planes go. We know a place where no ships go. No cars go (Hey!) No cars go. Where we know”




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