Alma & Manuel | Wedding in Castilla La Mancha

Alma & Manuel | Rural Wedding in Castilla La Mancha

We were dying to share Alma and Manuel’s amazing wedding in Ciudad Real, Castilla la Mancha.

We are still getting over from the fact that we had the honor of photographing the wedding of our dears Alma and Manuel. Our story with them dates back to our first wedding in London, it was there where we met Alma, who had just started dating Manuel. He was in Spain and it seems like yesterday when we saw her sharing the best moments of that wedding in London with him from the distance. It’s by far one of the best memories that we keep and it’s wonderful when we meet our couples and watch them grow, either before or after the wedding.

Alma and Manuel decided to seal their love in a very rural wedding in Ciudad Real – have we already confessed our love for rural weddings? – in the middle of the fields of Calatrava in Castilla La Mancha, those same fields that once served as the setting for the adventures of the most illustrious knight in world literature, Don Quixote de la Mancha. We cannot think of a better landscape to celebrate a wedding in Spain, the aridity and loneliness of the Castilian fields contrasted with the sweetness and closeness of Alma and Manuel.

Centennial windmills, ancient decaying castles, deserted roads and endless fields were the backdrop for this magical Castilian wedding. It was a great Quixotic adventure for us and we travelled back in time for an instant. Were those mills really giants?


“Is this the start of something wonderful and new? Or one more dream that I cannot make true?”




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