Heartmade Weddings Alisa Andrei Mikel Durán Spanish Wedding and Elopement Photographers based in Vancouver British Columbia 10

Hi! We are Alisa and Mikel, wedding photographers from the Basque Country,

as well as a couple of born adventurers in constant pursuit of our dreams. We love traveling and destination weddings, photography, movies and music; the taste of a good craft beer, the morning mist that covers the treetops, the smell of damp pine trees, the city in the rain or walking on the beach during a hot summer morning, among other things. We feel absolute devotion for the work we do and it is our Romanian-Spanish roots that define, to a large extent, our way of creating. We thank you for having come this far and we invite you to discover a little more about us and our work by browsing our website.

After photographing so many weddings over the past few years, we got a little jealous and decided to say 'yes, I do' in February 2018.

Let's do this together!

We are adventurers at Heartmade Weddings, we take the risk and never take anything for granted, even if the view is always the same for us it will still be just as shocking every day. We love the ferocity of nature, almost as much as the comfort of our home, and we move gracefully through the chaos of big cities.

We love expanding our horizons and walking towards utopia; lose ourselves in conversations, search for the connections and know more about you. Would you join us on this bizarre journey we call life?

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