We are Alisa and Mikel, a married couple of destination wedding photographers in Spain. We love traveling, movies and music; the taste of a good craft beer, the morning mist that covers the treetops, the smell of wet pine trees, the city in the rain or walking on the beach during a hot summer day, among other things. We are totally devoted to our work and it is our Romanian-Spanish roots that define, to a large extent, our way of creating. The word adventure is configured in our DNA and that’s the reason we became destination wedding photographers. We embrace risk and never take anything for granted; even if the view is always the same, for us it will continue to be just as striking as the first day. We love the ferocity of nature, almost as much as the comfort of our home, and we move gracefully through the chaos of big cities. We also like to get caught in conversations and find the best of every human being. We believe that we do more than just taking photographs, we are storytellers by nature and it is your stories that we want to tell through the power of the image. Our methodology follows a simple rule that has haunted us from day one: the will to create something honest and far from superficiality to connect with an audience that embraces life in a less materialistic and a more vitalist way. We try to achieve that principle through an aesthetic based on simplicity, elegance, minimalism, modernity and the most timeless classicism. We always seek to expand our limits and walk towards utopia because it is the limits of love that are constantly expanding. We thank you for having come this far and we invite you to discover a little more about us and our work by browsing our website. Would you join us in this bizarre journey that we call life?


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