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Hi there! First of all, we’re delighted that you landed here. We are Alisa and Mikel and we devote our lives to those couples that decide to take a leap and consolidate their story. We’re also a married couple and we seek the meaning of life through new experiences and people. As a consequence of working in the wedding business for almost seven years now, we found out that being wedding photographers fills us with passion and imbues our lives with a lot of meaning. We love weddings and the happiness that emanates from each and every one of them, especially from those that reject classicism. In the same way, we like couples with their own personality and unique style, we’re talking about alternative and creative couples, those that aren’t afraid of being goofy in front of the camera and that are willing to share a piece of their intimacy with us.
Reaching this far means that there is a 99% probability that this couple is you and, therefore, you are looking for a genuine photography that touches the soul. Even though we live by and for wedding photography in Spain, we also open ourselves to the rest of the world and thanks to our traveling and adventurous spirit, we have photographed weddings as far away as Banff, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. In conclusion, if you’ve fallen in love with our work and would like to connect, please do not hesitate to get in touch. As a matter of fact, if you dare to meet us in person, we promise to invite you to a good pint of craft beer - Alisa & Mikel

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